Sabina Kennedy is a one woman production and one of a kind handmade jewelry company based in Phoenix Arizona. The owner and designer, Sabina, has a deep connection to nature and the mountains and draws a lot of inspiration from plants, animals, landscape, and the magic of the life around her.

The mission at Sabina Kennedy is to empower all who wears these hand made goods. Each piece is made with love and good energy and with that energy the wearer can find the confidence to live their most authentic lives.


Every piece starts with an idea. That idea is manifested into drawings where it can take several forms until the perfect design is created. The stones used in every piece are hand selected. Sabina carefully curates her stone collection, making sure there is a spark of energy and excitement with each one. From there the metal begins to come to life. Cutting each piece by hand, filing, sanding, soldering, and polishing every piece until it is perfect. The final I gredient is love. Good energy and a love gets poured into each piece, making it a truly wonderful experience for the wearer.


Sabina has always been a highly creative individual. She started her art practice in high school, starting with paint by numbers and then finding her footing within her own creative ideas. She sold her first piece of art in her high school art show and she was hooked. Sabina quickly turned to jewelry making as a fun hobby, and started to sell beaded bracelets to her friends and family. Shortly after she began selling her work in a local community market.

After high school Sabina went to Arizona State University where she studied all things sculpture. After graduating Sabina started her jewelry business, Sabina Kennedy.

Today you can find Sabina busily making jewelry and other handmade goods as well as figuring out this thing called life.